Sunday, December 17, 2006

Suggestions for First Sweater?

Sweaters bring up all sorts of questions for a knitter. What pattern should I choose? What type of yarn will be a good fit for the pattern, be easy to work with, easy to care for, and not be too scratchy? These are only the beginning.

For the first sweater, the knitter might also ask; am I ready for this?

I've passed the point of being able to call myself a beginning knitter. Although I am still learning all the fascinating workings of various combinations of knits and purls, I can safely say that I can follow a pattern for most knits. I haven't tried colorwork yet (although I already have my eye on a couple patterns) but I feel confident I could knit in colorwork if I chose. I've recently taught myself to knit continental (I'm an english style knitter) and once I've mastered the continental purl, I'll tackle some fair isle. I know I don't really have to be able to English and Continental together to be able to do fair isle - there are other ways. Yet, in the long run, I think this way will work the best for me and I know that if I take a short cut now and become accustomed to a certain way of fair isle colorwork, then it will be very difficult to teach myself to use both continental and english at the same time later.

I digress.

I'm ready to knit my first sweater. I think it will be a slight test of endurance. I know the Yarn Harlot says there are more stitches in a pair of socks than in a sweater, but I find myself a bit skeptical. Still, there's something about knitting a sweater that makes me feel like I'll be a real knitter once I can say I've knit my own.

So, my question...

What pattern do you recommend for a first sweater?

Please leave your ideas in the comments. No colorwork or cables, please.