Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sockapaloooza Package, Part 2

Here we go - Part 2.

First, here is a peek at what was inside my sock package (in addition to those lovely socks!).

Starting from the bottom left of the picture and going in a somewhat clockwise direction, we have:

A cute little container with mulitple compartments for holding all sorts of little notions.
3x5 GRAPH index cards! (How did I not know these existed?)
A tin of chocolate tea! (I love tea, which is something my sock pal could not possibly have known - just goes to show how amazing she is.)
A few mesh bags, which will be great for things like circular needles
My copy of the sock pattern and some extra sock yarn :)
A clear ruler for marking guage (again, how had I never seen this before?)
A crochet hook for those pesky dropped stitches.
A little calculator from staples
A clickable row counter - I'm using it right now for the branching out scarf. :)

That is quite a package! I just want to send another thank you out to my sock pal who made this such a great sockapaloooza for me. :) I really enjoyed knitting socks for someone and the receiving end of the exchange was just as much fun! :)

And now, for a closeup of my GORGEOUS sock bag!

I simply adore this bag! It's really inspiring me to want to learn to sew at some point. I would be thrilled if I could make something this nice. :)

Until next time, happy knitting!


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