Saturday, May 27, 2006

When pattern and yarn collide.

The very last place I purchased yarn from (yes, I'm going out of order here) was Spirit Trail Fiberworks. I saw some yarn there that I really just loved. Unfortunately I had already reached the end of my budget.

Note: that didn't stop me. ;)

I ended up going back at the end of the day to get the yarn. It's two beautiful skeins of 50% silk/50% wool. The item number is SI-06-05-03. I absolutely love it. I was originally thinking it would be a good amount for socks. But this yarn, for socks? Nope.

I've been interested in the Knitty pattern Branching Out for a while. But I really didn't feel like I had the right yarn for it. Now I do. :) So far I'm very pleased with it. I have no idea what my gauge is, but I'm knitting on size US 7 needles. I actually did this bit a couple weeks ago, but I hope to work on it a little bit this week as well.

The yarn:

The beginning of the pattern - two repeats in:

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2006, Part 1

First, I want to say hi to the new folks who have been stopping by and commenting. Welcome! I enjoy reading your comments and I hope you'll continue to enjoy this blog.

Second, there has been very little knitting here over the past couple weeks and by very little, I mean almost none.

Luckily, I attended Maryland Sheep and Wool for the first time this year and that will keep the blog going with some posts for a while.

Maryland Sheep and Wool was absolutely amazing and I'm going to spend a number of posts on it, since it was my first visit. It was partly so amazing because I was able to spend time with a really good friend who I haven't seen in far too long. :)

The first booth I actually spent some serious time in was Journey Wheel. Now, I had arrived with a plan, thanks in large part to Theresa, Melanie, and a certain MDS$W User Guide posted last year by Claudia.

I heard lots of good things about their spindles. Sheila Bosworth was so kind and helpful and even gave me a bit of an impromptu spinning lesson while I was there. I tried a number of spindles and settled on a 1.75 oz with a Morado Top Whorl. It's simply beautiful and spins very well.

And a closeup of the gorgeous Morado wood:

I recommended their spindles to a friend and she ended up getting the same type of spindle in tulipwood, the next day.

In the next installment, I'll post about the fiber I also bought on Saturday.

Until then, happy knitting!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sockapaloooza Package, Part 2

Here we go - Part 2.

First, here is a peek at what was inside my sock package (in addition to those lovely socks!).

Starting from the bottom left of the picture and going in a somewhat clockwise direction, we have:

A cute little container with mulitple compartments for holding all sorts of little notions.
3x5 GRAPH index cards! (How did I not know these existed?)
A tin of chocolate tea! (I love tea, which is something my sock pal could not possibly have known - just goes to show how amazing she is.)
A few mesh bags, which will be great for things like circular needles
My copy of the sock pattern and some extra sock yarn :)
A clear ruler for marking guage (again, how had I never seen this before?)
A crochet hook for those pesky dropped stitches.
A little calculator from staples
A clickable row counter - I'm using it right now for the branching out scarf. :)

That is quite a package! I just want to send another thank you out to my sock pal who made this such a great sockapaloooza for me. :) I really enjoyed knitting socks for someone and the receiving end of the exchange was just as much fun! :)

And now, for a closeup of my GORGEOUS sock bag!

I simply adore this bag! It's really inspiring me to want to learn to sew at some point. I would be thrilled if I could make something this nice. :)

Until next time, happy knitting!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sockapaloooza Package - Part 1

What's this? A sockapaloooza package! I wonder what's inside?

Socks, of course!

Not just any socks, either. Socks that were hand-dyed by Melanie and knitted from her very own pattern. (Since I was her lucky sock pal, I got a free copy of the pattern! I can't wait to knit some myself!)

The cat? She approves.

A close up of the sock on my foot:

And a closeup of the gusset (I simply adore the heel flap on this sock.):

Want to see the rest of the package? (Along with a closeup of the FABULOUS bag?) Tune in for Part 2 this weekend! Until then, happy knitting!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


My sockapaloooza socks arrived today!

The package had some beautiful lacy socks, but that wasn't all. There were all kinds of lovely little goodies inside, complete with my very own sock bag! My sock pal actually made me a bag. I think I find myself wanting to learn how to sew now. :)

I'll post pictures this weekend. In the meantime, check out my sockpal's blog at Pink Lemon Twist

Thanks Melanie! I'm so glad you were my sock pal!