Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spinning, anyone?

I spun my first yarn today.

When I say my first yarn, I am using the term "yarn" very loosely. ;)

I really enjoyed it and I think I did allright for my first time (I was honestly worried that pesky hand-eye coordination might be too much for me.) I imagine I am currently using what is commonly known as the "park and draft" method.

It's both a bit easier than I expected and infinately more challenging.

I purchased an Ashford Top Whorl Spindle and I have no idea what weight it is, but it was the larger of the two that were available. I also purchased a bit of roving.

So, here is where I give a call out to all your spinners out there. What spindle do you recommend for beginners? What types of roving and from where? I am going to Maryland Sheep and Wool so keep that in mind when making suggestions.

Also, any spinning tips for a beginner?


At 8:01 AM, Blogger Melanie said...

Welcome to the dark side! Keep practicing Park and Draft and soon your hands will figure out what they're doing and it will go faster. I love the Emily Spindle from Mielke's Farm and the Bossies from Journey Wheel.


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