Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow...and a stopping point.

I've reached a stopping point in the Jaywalker Socks. I'm nearly finished with the first one, but I have no size 2 dpns in sight (I'll pick some up at the LYS this week). I've also been having some pain and stiffness in my right wrist, so I haven't done any serious knitting since Tuesday. Needless to say, this means there will be no possible way for me to have a completed pair by Feb 14, which is the end of this knitalong. However, when I signed up, the knitalong wasn't ending on Feb 14th, so I'm trying to remind myself that I'm not *really* missing a deadline here. I will definately finish these socks as they are fabulous! It's just going to take a little longer than planned. My progress:

I still love this pattern and I can say that this won't be my only pair of Jaywalkers. :)

In other news, we got some serious snow. We have much more than was initially predicted and here are some pictures!

This is the pathway in front of the building, to the left you can see a little bit of a car covered in snow.
This is the walkway in front of the buildings on the second floor, at the bottom of the stairs going up the third floor.
We don't usually get snow like this.

This is a closeup of the branches just off our balcony.
Trees and fluffy, powdery snow on the ground behind the building.

Another picture of trees, behind the apartments, with the photograph taken, on an angle, between the two sides of the building, from the second floor.
It's really beautiful right now.


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