Sunday, May 01, 2005

So many projects, so little time.

As of today, I have added a list of Current Projects, along with the status of each. I haven't been posting much lately, which corresponds to the fact that I haven't been knitting much lately. ;) I've been really busy, although last week someone recommended to me that I try to make time each day for myself. I decided that time should be knitting. So I've knitted at least a little bit on most days this week.

The basic socks I am still working on are the same ones shown in "Adventures with DPNs". Essentially one sock is completed and I have cast on for the second sock. Clapotis is from this pattern on . Surprises #1 and #2 are gifts and thus are not named yet. ;) I'll post pictures of the completed projects once they have been delivered to their recipients. The Four Seasons Throw is a project that will take me throughout this year and I started in January. I'm really behind on that project though and I just don't have time for it right now, so I imagine I'll be catching up this summer. The Crystal Palace Cabled Shell is a project that I technically haven't cast on for yet, but I've done a swatch in which I was taught how to cable! I am very excited about that as I love cables and I'm taking a class in May in which I'll need to cable as well.

I'm going to do my best to update once a week. I don't think I'll be able to update much more often than that. So, until next time!