Saturday, January 22, 2005

Adventures in Knitting

I think I'm coming along rather nicely.

The Gryffindor CoS scarf is now worked through most of strip 9. (Note when I posted the pic last time, I was actually a bit further along than it shows in the picture, so I really didn't get through all those stripes in 3 days, especially since I generally don't knit every single day.)

I'm also working on the Shocking Pink Coif (Pattern), except not in shocking pink. ;) I'm using a Plymouth Baby Alpaca in a lovely lavender and white variegated color. I'm knitting that on US7 and US9 bamboos. I'm only on row 15 now, and it's definately tricky. Knitty magazine has it marked as mellow, but personally I would have marked it tangy. One reason is because it's the first pattern where I have to actually knit it while looking at the pattern. If I don't have the pattern right in front of me, then I can't knit it. Everything else I've knitted there's been no need for the pattern at all after about four rows. The other reason is because there are m1 increases in many of the rows and then of course your ktog decreases on the other side. Now that's all well and good except that the pattern doesn't specify where you should do a right-slant or a left-slant. Although in the picture, it looks to me like she did do mirrored increases and decreases. The pattern itself does not indicate that. Well, naturally I want to do mirrored increases and decreases. (I'm not quite sure it would even look that bad if I didn't. I imagine they would have noted it in the pattern if it was necessary.) So I found a tutuorial online for mirrored increases. This means that while I am knitting this pattern, not only do I have the pattern open on my computer in front of me, I also have the mirrored increases tutorial in front of me on my computer as well. I wasn't sure what I was going to do about the decreases, but I got a book out of the library yesterday that just happens to have them in it, so that was rather lucky. Anyway, all this to me indicates tangy instead of mellow. Of course, it might be more mellow if I wasn't using baby alpaca. But it's going to be simply gorgeous and soft when I'm done. It also gives me a nice break from the Gryffindor CoS, because baby alpaca and bamboo needles are much nicer on the hands than Plymouth Encore and metal circulars. (Although circulars do have their plusses as well, as does the fact that I can sit and knit continuously on the Gryffindor CoS without ever once looking at a pattern).

So, those are projects four and five. I *think* I've selected project six, although it's going to be a whole new game as far as my knitting skills go. It might be very very tricky so I'm going to have to get some advice on that one. I'm also not going to say what it is. ;) My readership increased rather more quickly than I expected and since it's a gift and I don't know if the recipient will read this, it's going to be all hushhush until I'm finished.

Project seven is a Ravenclaw PoA scarf, which I'm both looking forward to and dreading at the same time. I really love the PoA pattern, but I'm not sure I'm happy with the blue I've got for it and since it's for me, whether or not I'm happy with the blue actually matters. Also it's going to take longer than the CoS Gryffindor because each row is 90 stitches instead of 70, and it's a longer scarf. Many more color changes too. But at least it will use up all this Plymouth Encore yarn I've been hanging onto since the end of December.

Oh and somewhere in there I'm going to do a hat I think, but I'm not sure on that one yet.

Pictures to arrive soon!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

CoS Gryffindor Scarf

This is the current (and fourth) project that I'm working on. My husband and I are Harry Potter fans. For those of you who have read Harry Potter (and if you haven't, you might want to consider it) the school has four Houses that the children are grouped by; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. This scarf is done in the colors of Gryffindor and it's a gift for my husband. There are two styles of Harry Potter scarves - the CoS which is done in the style of the scarves worn in the first two movies and the PoA, which is done in the style of the third movie. This scarf is a CoS. If any of you knitters out there are interested in making one yourself and have not already discovered AtypicallyKnit, check it out because that is where you can find this pattern and others.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Confetti Fun Fur Slit Scarf

My third project! I love this one, just absolutely love it! It's one ball of Confetti Fun Fur. I've already worn it a few times and it's so lovely. It was knitted on 10 1/2 bamboo dpns (before I even knew what dpns were! I just picked them up because they were the only needles at the JoAnns in size 10 and 1/2) in seed stitch. If you see it, it really doesn't look a bit like seed stitch, although it does look really lovely, you just don't get the seed effect because it's an eyelash yarn on 10 and 1/2s. It's a slit scarf, so one end slides through the slit to wrap around your neck and the one really gaping (literally) mistake I made was to make the slit too long. I'm not terribly good at judging inches by sight and next time I'll definately pull out the ruler, even if I am knitting on a plane. This was finished on Dec 31st. (I believe I started it on Dec. 27th.)

Chenille Scarf

This is the first project I knitted. It was a gift for my husband's grandmother for Christmas 2004. I knitted it with one skein of Chenille on size 13 straight needles, stockinette stitch. I think I had been knitting for maybe a week or so when I started it. I didn't think to write down the date that I started it, but I finished it the Tuesday before Christmas.


For those who stumble upon this and don't already know me...

My name is Jennifer and I've been newly introduced to the incredible world of knitting. If anyone had told me six months ago that I would be able to pick up a couple of sticks and a string of yarn and make something from it, I think I would have laughed. This will (hopefully) be a place where I can share my experiences, frustrations and accomplishments in knitting with those friends and family (perhaps even complete strangers) who are interested in this sort of thing.

Happy reading!